Girl & The New DTLA Restaurant  


Serineh Ohanian

The Vietnamese flavored beef short rib is served with gochujang and a apple cucumber salad.

In summer of 2021, the highly rewarded Girl & The Goat restaurant came to Los Angeles to share its menu with a new set of locals. The Chicago based restaurant has quickly become a part of LA’s vibrant restaurant community. At first glance of the menu, it’s clear to see that the restaurant chefs have taken advantage of the area’s incredible bounty of fresh produce and ingredients. While Girl & the Goat shares the global influence and flavors of its Chicago origins, their team of world renowned chefs are always creating new dishes inspired by local California flavors.

The long-awaited LA location of Girl & The Goat takes over a prime spot in the heart of the Los Angeles Arts District in Downtown LA. The interior is beautifully decorated with exposed red brick space, oversized rattan chairs, and leafy plants dangling over weathered teak wood tables. The open concept restaurant also has an outdoor patio that is inspired by a greenhouse and decorated  with string lights hung end to end.

The bread and snacks were not just the start of the meal but served as the building block of flavors that you will experience throughout the different courses. The naan was served with  tahini tofu and carrot ‘hummus’, even though these are not your traditional dips they were nothing short of exceptional. The pre-marinating of the tofu allowed it to be pillowy soft and oozing with the umami flavor of tahini. The replacement of chickpeas with carrot in the hummus was an incredible decision made by the chef. The freshness of the carrot was the perfect contrast to the garlic flavor naan. 

One of the Girl & The Goat’s most namesake and delicious dishes are their incredible meat dishes. The sticky glazed pork shank was simple, yet it was the type of dish that made your mouth water just by looking at it (just thinking about it). Oozing with fatty juices the moment you bite into the tender, red meat, your tongue finally meets the epitome of rich savory flavors. The pork shank is served with a side of hoisin mayo and pickled shiitake mushrooms. These fresh crisp flavors elevate the dish and bring it to a new level. 

Delicious from beginning to end, Girl & The Goat may not seem to have a traditional menu, but it is something you have to experience if you love LA dining. The kind servers, beautifully decorated building and tasty food ensures you are going to have a unique and memorable meal every time.

Address: 555-3 Mateo St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Phone: (213) 799-4628

Hours : Sunday- Thursday –  5 p.m.–10 p.m.

Friday- Saturday nights – 5 p.m.–11 p.m.