Intramural Basketball season comes to an end with exciting final

On April 21, the intramurals basketball championship game took place in the gym. The program, which began on the first day of March, consists of multiple rounds of elimination games in a “March Madness” style tournament. The games clock in at under five minutes a half and there are typically under 30 points combined per game.

Of the 48 boys to enter the tournament, eight of them found the pleasure of being in the final round by a sweet combination of good fortune and skill. This 4-on-4 final round saw Arizona State coming up against the offensively talented USC squad. The Arizona squad consisted of players Arman Akhverdyan, Nick Aro, Shiv Bhagat, and Armen Gadayan. Although it was a tight game, USC was able to take the upper hand early and never gave up their strong lead. The game ended with USC winning, 16-13. Their squad consisted of Arbi Abrahamian, Arno Abrahamian, Emil Nouri, and Surya Santhosh.

Sophomore Arno Abrahamian said after the game, “[Intramural sports] isn’t popular, but it’s very fun. The first year I joined because I forgot to join the GHS team and thought this would be a fun substitute. It wasn’t as fun, but we played good.”

“The bond between the four teammates grew a little stronger than it was before,” said Abrahamian, commenting on what his greatest takeaway from the tournament was.