Week 7 of intramurals shocks students with Arizona and USC for the win

Last week’s intramural games led teams USC and Arizona for the win with teams USC vs Texas and Arizona vs UCLA playing. USC defeated Texas 6–1 and Arizona narrowly won over UCLA, 6–5.

“Even though our team lost, I’m still proud of our hard work and I’m excited for the next games to come,” said sophomore Paulo Diaz, a team member of Texas.

With the crowd full of energy, junior Rafi Rajoyan prepared with his team, Arizona, to have a successful game. “We always get ourselves prepared during lunch by practicing our communications that we will use during the game,” Rajoyan said. “We don’t like to waste our lunch times, we like having team meetings and get ourselves hyped up before any game.”

Having team communication is key in winning a basketball game. The crowd was on the tips of their seats when an Arizona player shot the winning basket.

While USC was beating Texas, Arizona was on the verge of having another win.  

When the last whistle blew, Rajoyan received the ball and didn’t hesitate to shoot the ball towards the basket.

Half the crowd cheered with excitement for the win of Arizona, while others the were disappointed in the loss for UCLA. “We were close to winning, but we missed couple of the winning shots,” Diaz said.

Out of 17 teams, only four teams can play on the finals coming up. Teams that will being playing in the final tournament will be determined by the following week of games with Duke vs. USC, St. John vs Wisconsin and Brigham Young vs Florida.