“Spinning Out, Waiting For” This Music Video To Drop


Vanya Arakelian

Styles’ live concert performance at the Forum made its way to his new music video for the song “Satellite”.

After the release of Harry Styles’ third studio album, many fans were waiting for another music video to drop. There had been much speculation about another music video, but there had never been any confirmation. Finally, an announcement was made and fans all over the world huddled over their computer screens to watch the premiere on Youtube. 

I had very high expectations for the music video, especially because “Satellite” is my favorite song from Harry’s House and I was ready to have my heart broken again. The song itself describes someone longing to help another, with lyrics such as, “Spinning out, waiting for you, to pull me in.” The happy beat directly juxtaposes the melancholy lyrics of the song, creating a masterpiece. 

At the end of Styles’ last show at the Forum, a little robot was seen roaming around in the piles of boa feathers and trash left behind by the fans on the pit floor. Many fans were conspiring as to what the robot could mean, or what its purpose was, but the music video answered their hundreds of questions. 

The little robot that they saw ended up being Stomper, the little robot that travels all over the country and ends up at NASA with Styles in the music video. Viewers don’t see much of Styles throughout the video, only being featured in the beginning, and a little bit at the end. 

The reason why the little robot was named Stomper was because of Styles’ “Satellite Stomps.” In the instrumental part of the song, Styles stomps along with the beat at every single concert. One thing that was unique in this music video was the actual footage from the concert embedded into both the audio and the visual aspects of the video.  

One thing about Styles’ music videos is that they always tell some kind of story. His music videos for “Golden,” “Adore You,” “As It Was,” and “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” all feature Harry a bit more prominently than this video, but the storyline follows Stomper quite well. 

My favorite song’s music video perfectly encapsulates what a real relationship is like, that constant push and pull that the song reflects. While I do wish that there was more Harry in the music video, this music video was a chance for him to have a vision without him acting in it.  

There have also been many fan theories speculating that Stomper is a metaphor for Styles himself, mimicking all the places that Styles has visited for his tour, and in the end taking a rest from the tours. As someone who attended two of his shows at his residency at the Forum earlier in the year, I can say that he is a great performer and he belongs on stage. 

However, artists need to take breaks, or else they will burn out. Styles was performing almost three times a week for a month straight. His touring schedule has been a vast and packed one. To me, the music video felt like a big hug of comfort, as well as a short-term goodbye to fans once Love on Tour comes to a close and he takes his final bow.