Dubai Bling 


Stella Akopyan

Dubai Bling is now streaming on Netflix for users.

A new show has caught many people’s attention on Netflix. This fabulous and glamorous show called Dubai Bling, has many people posting and showing their opinions on Tiktok. Released on October 27, 2022 on Netflix, it is a short eight episode show which gives the viewer a look at the rich lifestyle in Dubai, but it has its downs and hardships as well. All the designers, huge houses, and luxuriance items are all materialistic in which it may seem like “what more could they ask,” but it’s not just butterflies and rainbows.

The main cast members include Zeina Khoury, Safa Sidiqui, Loujain Adada, Danya Mohammed, Brianna Fade, Farhana Bodi, Kris Fade, Lojain Omran, Ebraheem Al Samadi, and DJ Bliss. Everyone has their own personality which is very special in their own way as viewers can see in the show. As the viewer gets more into the episodes, they start to see different sides of each character. 

Dubai Bling was a show to watch when someone doesn’t know what show to watch. As the show progressed, it showed how mean and unhappy the cast members were to each other. The main thing that kept me interested during the show was everyone gossiping and fighting with each other. If the show had more than eight episodes, then it would definitely get boring.

The show was all the cast members gossiping about each other and then going and telling each other. It was basically a show of how fake people can be. The luxury lifestyle can be such a success, but can also change people. The way some of the cast members acted made me feel bad about them and what kind of person they had become. An additional flaw was that in a way I expected more since I had seen so many people on TikTok saying they loved the show. To be honest I don’t know what they were thinking, probably the most intriguing part about the show would be the title.

I would rate this show a six out of then and the four points I marked off was because of many factors. First of all in some parts of the show it would get dull because it was the same thing over and over again. Women fighting about how bad their so-called “friends” are, fighting about how they don’t have a big enough house, and how they don’t spend enough time with their kids. I would for sure not watch this show since it was overhyped.