Selena Gomes’ Newest Launch in the Beauty Industry


Maria Avanesian

The Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Rare Beauty Mascara tube.

Selena Gomez had been working on her special makeup company, Rare Beauty, for over two years. When it dropped, all her fans went crazy. She produced amazing makeup products like lipsticks, blushes, foundations, and highlighters. 

On September 3rd, 2021, Gomez released a new addition to her makeup line. The new product is a mascara called “Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Mascara”; you can find it for $20 at either Sephora or the Rare Beauty website. It is packaged quite beautifully, with a simple cylinder shape, silver writing, and a gold logo at the top. All Rare Beauty products have a signature beige color with metallic writings, whether that is the logo or the product name.  

People all over  twitter, instagram, and tiktok were raving about her new product and how it was so efficient and looked amazing. For beauty influences, Gomez mailed them the mascara first-hand with a special PR packaging to promote the product and to accumulate good reviews. There was so much hype around the new product that everybody was tempted to try it, especially those who don’t usually care for it. 

I decided to try it out for myself. The wand for the mascara is slightly dented in the center with long bristles. The bristles themselves are somewhat stiff but still flexible enough to do the job right. Most people like to do coats for this mascara but one coat worked just fine for me. Most mascaras just lay on top of your lashes and sometimes even weigh them down. The Rare Beauty mascara, however, wraps around each of your lashes and prevents clumping. In addition to the no clump, lashes will have more volume since the heavy mascara becomes “one with your lash” and doesn’t weigh them down. However, the mascara is difficult to fully remove. The mascara comes off great in the shower and with makeup remover but there is almost always some residue that remains. On the con side though, be careful when removing it because some lashes may fall out if you rub your eyes too intensely. However, Rare Beauty only being sold at Sephora may cause an inconvenience. 

Overall, the product is amazing. The mascara gets the job done while also looking as stunning as ever! Gomez has once again put out an amazing product everybody will love. She takes pride in her company along with products and so do I. Rare Beauty, although a new edition to the makeup industry, is definitely a success for only starting off recently. The mascara is definitely worth twenty bucks.