China creates Muslim internment camps and no one has done anything about it


Courtesy of Flickr

Uighur Muslims are protesting against the internment camps that are in China.

Currently, China has made Muslim internment camps legal. In Xinjiang, China, roughly 14 million people live there and thousands are being taken away from their homes and shoved into these internment camps just like the Jewish people were in Germany.

Even though we, as a society, have been trying to bring awareness and make a change, no one has made the move to help out these Muslims. During World War II, technology wasn’t as prevalent in people’s daily lives, so it was harder to spread awareness. However, in this generation, we have social media such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

Unfortunately, few teens and young adults have spoken about the Muslim Internment camps in China. Society has turned a blind eye to the situation at hand.

So far the only thing we know about these internment camps is that one Chinese official has said that they were “vocational schools that would combat the violence in the area.” There was even a foreign ministry spokesman who refused to speak about what is going on in these internment camps.

A satellite image of Xinjiang shows more than just 28 internment detention camps. They also show a mass concentration of the Muslim population in the area and even a mass expansion of these mass concentration camps.

According to the NGO reports, most of the Muslims put in these concentration camps have been there for more than a year.

Since China has made Muslim internment camps legal, the Chinese government now has the right to use behavior correction and ideological education. Even though China has not truthfully admitted to having internment camps, they have sent petty criminals to these camps, and former detainees were even forced to degrade their own culture.

We are a generation that can make changes, and we have the technology and the power to be able to speak about this matter. The more voices we have talking about the internment camps the more aware people become, and we would have a better opportunity to make a difference, even if the difference is a small one.

We made a mistake turning a blind eye during World War II when so many Jewish people were suffering. Since we have the technology and more communication power than the people did back then, we have a better advantage to make a difference and spread the word.