Media creates unnecessary standard for girls


via Staticflicker under Creative Commons

Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics available for purchase.

On Dec. 9, Kylie Jenner officially opened her cosmetics pop-up shop in Canoga Park, California. She is one of the celebrities who has created an image, a standard for teenage girls in which women should pay a great amount of attention to their appearances. Along with her sisters, the Kardashians, and Kendall Jenner, she promotes her merchandise and makeup over anything else. Her focus, as seen through her constant selfies and full body shots/videos, is external appearance.

Kylie’s Lip Kits sold out this summer 20 minutes after they were restocked online. According to one of her team members, more than 200,000 people were on the site at once causing Google Analytics to legitimately break. This means the vast amount of young girls who look up to Kylie Jenner and admire her appearance enough to purchase her products is what caused Google to break. These girls are putting a greater importance on outer beauty because of icons like Kylie Jenner.

According to Statista, this year the revenue of the United States’ cosmetics industry is about $62 billion dollars, the highest it has ever been. Women, especially young girls, feel now more than ever too insecure to leave the house without having any makeup on since they are expected to look like the women on TV and social media.

The media today focuses on stars whose one talent is looking the way they do; think Gigi Hadid instead of Michelle Obama. Their appearance — everything from their bodies and the clothes they wear to their hair — is idolized by young women to the point where they want to look exactly the same way. Instead of staying true to their own identity, girls feel obligated to strive for this “perfect” appearance that all the famous fashion icons seem to have.

The social standards on appearance has significantly risen this year causing girls to have a lack of self esteem and resort to following the norm celebrities have set when it comes to clothes, accessories and makeup. Women therefore fail to realize that they’re perfect just the way they are and that it’s best to ignore these social standards.

Stand out. Go ahead be unique, I dare you.