The proof is in the pudding


Isabela Lacsina

The vanilla passion fruit cake from Proof Bakery is rich in flavor and has a beautiful edible flower on top.

In an obsolete pocket of Atwater Village stands Proof Bakery. A bakery wedged between a thrift shop and a shipping store, it could go unnoticed without batting an eye. Open since 2010, Proof has proved to be a local favorite. Many stand outside for up to 15 minutes before opening just to get first dibs on whatever the bakery is offering that day. By their closing time, 4 p.m., only banana bread crumbs are left.

Proof serves everything from savory to sweet and ranges winter and summer, day to day. They make everything in small batches so to ensure better quality food, which is why everything runs out quickly.

This makes every visit so exciting and sort of disappointing. Not every baked good will be back on a second or third visit.

The first time I went to Proof, I tried their seasonal fruit tart, which consisted of a cinnamon crust, some variation of whipped cream and pomegranate. With fruit tart being my favorite dessert — and the fact that it was small and cost $5.50 — I had high expectations. Sure enough, it was one of the best fruit tarts I’ve ever tasted. The tart was rich in flavor and tasted as if it were homemade. When I came to visit the next time, however, it was no longer there.

A few months after the first time I tried Proof, the cake for my friend’s Sweet Sixteen was the the bakery’s vanilla passion fruit cake. When I first tried it, I immediately fell in love with the cake. When I found out it was from Proof, I was not surprised. Proof never fails to amaze.

Although the bakery is pretty pricey, you get what you pay for. The pastries are of great quality and the taste is phenomenal.  


3156 Glendale Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90039

(323) 664-8633

Open Daily: 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.