Taylor Swift refreshes your memory ‘All Too Well’ with the rerelease of Red.


Red Taylor’s Version on spotify, with the iconic new cover.

Red rereleased on all streaming platforms on November 11, 2021 at 9 PM. The album features every song on the previous album, as well as tracks from her ‘Vault’, including a ten minute version of the hit song All Too Well. 

The album is speculated to be about Swift and her relationship with actor Jake Gyllehall, who broke her heart because of their age difference. Swift reflected on the relationship and moved on with this album, pouring her heart and soul into every lyric she wrote. 

Every song also has its own lyrical video on Youtube, providing some kind of metaphorical image which correlates to the lyrics of the song. 

Each song from the album sounds more matured and developed as her lyrical style has changed as time has passed, considering the album was first released in 2012, Swift has had time to change her song-writing style. Not only that, her voice has matured greatly, the re-recordings sounding deeper and less pitchy. 

The album starts with the mellow song State of Grace, and ends with the heart-shattering ten minute version of All Too Well. 

Swift had mentioned in an interview years ago about the original length of the song but then had to cut it. The song went into her Vault, as well as Ronan, Better Man, Babe, Nothing New, I Bet You Think About Me, Message In A Bottle and many more. 

My favorite songs off the album were Message In A Bottle, I Bet You Think About Me, The Last Time, All Too Well (10 Minute Version), Holy Ground and The Lucky One. 

Some of her songs are heart wrenchingly sad, with the lyrics from All Too Well, “And I was never good at telling jokes, but the punchline goes- I’ll get older, but your lovers stay my age,” being a direct callout to Gyllenhall and his preference for younger girls, much like her at one point. 

Swift is also well known for dropping Easter Eggs, or cryptic things in interviews which could lead to particular theories from fans. Upon dropping the news for the rerecording of Red, Swift also released a bunch of letters coming from a Vault on her Instagram, which sent her fans into a crazy chase to unscramble all the words, which would lead to the song titles on the new album. 

The album is an ode to her old relationship, as she dealt with the pain of it during the year 2012.