A decade of Little Mix, celebration with a new album

Little Mix bandmates Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards, and Jade Thirwall on the cover of their new album BETWEEN US.

Anooshik Tahmasian

Little Mix bandmates Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards, and Jade Thirwall on the cover of their new album BETWEEN US.

Since their win on the X-Factor in 2011,  one of the longest existing girl groups in the music industry, Little Mix, has established quite a name for themselves. Recently, Little Mix released their new album BETWEEN US on November 12, 2021 celebrating their 10-year anniversary together. 

Members of the band, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards, and Jade Thirwall are known for their upbeat pop songs aimed towards a female audience. With their new album, they bring that sass, excitement, and feeling of confidence to their fans.   

The design of their album is a picture of the three group members holding onto each other surrounded by various types of colorful flowers. The flowers represent passion, gratitude, and prosperity. These details are also present in their music videos— there are warm tones and a lot of colorful scenes with flowers and triangles representing their unbreakable bond.

This album is particularly different because it features not only new songs, but a combination of all their previous songs. According to Little Mix, they structured the album this way to honor and remember all of their ups and downs, friendships, and memories they created together. 

“I will recommend these songs to all my friends who are hurt inside, because they remind us about all the greatness in life and that we will be okay in the end,” said sophomore Yanna Oganesyan.

BETWEEN US includes eighteen of the group’s previous top hits. The last five songs are new releases such as “Love (Sweet Love),” “Trash,” “Between Us,” “No,” and “Cut You Off.” The five new tracks capture the inner strength of Little Mix and tell a story of perseverance when the girls faced struggles in relationships and hardships of sharing their life online. 

For instance the song “Trash,” gives power and self worth to women. For junior Julia Ansourian, the line, 

First, Girl, it’s time to put you first,

Find a man that you deserve.

shows the importance of one’s well-being as well as, “giving off a voice of courage”.

The band’s release of the new album BETWEEN US sent a bigger message to women all around the world, to be courageous and in control of their own lives. The lyrics to their songs provide not only excitement, but empowerment  for their listeners who have gone through a breakup, or need some confidence boost through music.

“Little mix has never failed to put me in a cheerful mood after a tiring or devastating day. I personally have the song ‘Love (Sweet Love)’ on repeat. Through its powerful lyrics and beat, I found the importance in self care, and self love,” said junior Natali Sahakyan. 

The song “Between Us” is truly the most special one (or outstanding) of the whole album as it mainly focuses on the journey as a girl group for 10 years. It focuses on sticking together, being strong, and having nothing negative from the outside get in the way of their friendly love on the inside.  

The song helps women realize their worth, and acknowledge that they can live their lives to the fullest. The high value of a woman remains the same, with or without a man beside them.