Louis Tomlinson shows a different musical side in his new single “Miss You”



Louis Tomlinson at Soldier Field in 2015

With the members of the world’s biggest boyband One Direction going their own ways during their two-year hiatus, each has been able to focus on his own project. With Liam Payne performing at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball, Niall Horan releasing his debut album, and Harry Styles on tour, the fourth member Louis Tomlinson released his new song “Miss You” Dec. 1 and followed with a live performance on the U.K.’s X Factor finals.

The song was inspired by a time where Tomlinson was partying his nights away to keep his mind off the girl he loved. “I wrote this song about a time in my life when I was going out partying every night. In hindsight, throughout that time I was pretty numb and just going through the motions,” Tomlinson said in an interview with Billboard. Instead of forgetting the feelings and memories from that era, he put it all into a song.

The explicit track has a much more rock sound which turns away from his typical sound featured in previous singles such as “Just Hold On” (with Steve Aoki) and “Back to You” (featuring Bebe Rexha). Although the beat is different than his usual, his lyrical style is replicated in this one.

This single is definitely a banger, perfect for rocking out at a party or even alone in your room. With this, Tomlinson has set the expectations high for his yet-to-be released debut album.