‘Fairy Tail’ comes back for their final season


Courtesy of Flickr

This is the spinoff version of Fairy Tail called Fairy Tail Zero, which shows how Fairy Tail was formed and the history behind their first master Mavis Vermillion.

After a two-year-long break, Hiro Mashima has come back with the anime series, Fairy Tail. Hiro Mashima and the team decided to finish the manga series that had ended last summer in July. With a new, changed animation team, they decided to bring back Fairy Tail for the fans who wanted the anime ending that Fairy Tail did not get when it abruptly ended last July.

However, with the new animation team, the animation for this anime has gotten more precise with the little details and they slightly changed the color theme for each character.

Fairy Tail’s first episode was released Oct. 12 2009. However, Fairy Tail was a manga beforehand, so when fans heard that Fairy Tail was having an animation release, there were many who were already hyped to see their favorite manga come to life.

Fairy Tail surrounds five characters; Natsu, Happy, Lucy, Gray and Erza. In this world, magic is prevalent and used in daily activities, and many of these wizards get together and do jobs or “quests” together. One day Lucy goes to the city of Haregon and hears a bunch of girls screaming and surrounding a guy. Natsu and Happy decide to go see the same man named Salamander, who just happens to be the same guy Lucy went to go visit. After a few conflicts, Natsu and Happy bring Lucy to a magical guild that they belong to called Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail got their name by the founder of the guild because she, Mavis Mervillion, was curious about fairies and whether they have tails or if they even exist. The founder wanted the rest of her guildmates to go on never ending adventures to go and solve that mystery.

Throughout the anime, the audience gets to laugh, cry and follow the adventures these characters go on together. Even though they go through a lot of hardships together, they manage to find a way to defeat the villain and go back to their “home,” Fairy Tail.

The series has been loved by a lot of people because of the character developments of the main characters and just how the story develops. The series has a great story development. Even the side characters are hard to dismiss because they have so much personality and their character development really helps the main characters move along through their adventures and battles.

Back in 2016, because of a huge conflict that went down with the animation team, Fairy Tail took a break for two years even with many fans hoping that they would come back to finish the series.

Currently, Fairy Tail has released eleven episodes and they air every Saturday on YouTube, Funimation, Crunchyroll and other streaming services. Fairy Tail is a fun anime that is underestimated because of all the big names like Naruto and Bleach. However, Fairy Tail is a great way to lose yourself and experience the adventures with them as they go along to fight their demons and become a closer family.