Lego Batman is the hero we need and deserve


Directed by Chris Mckay, The Lego Batman Movie does not cease to make viewers laugh hysterically.

The animated spinoff of the successful 2014 movie The Lego Movie, this film follows Batman (Will Arnett) as he fights evil foes in the grim Gotham City while facing a persistent sense of loneliness when he isn’t beating villains to a pulp. Because of his lack of companionship, his butler Alfred Pennyworth (Ralph Fiennes) adopts a boy named Dick Grayson (Michael Cera) who eventually takes on the role as Robin. As Batman juggles raising a city from villainy and a boy, he must also deal with the evilest of all evils, the Joker (Zach Galifianakis).

The film is filled with many jokes poking fun at previous Batman movies, such as the scene that “throws shade” at the movie Suicide Squad when Batman is faced with the Joker’s evil army and a group of rogues suggest to fight alongside him. Despite the abundance of help, Batman says, “Using villains to fight villains? Yeah that’s a dumb idea . . . “ — my favorite witty critique in the film.

The movie is creatively laid out and the animation is purely Lego based. The personalities of each character are methodically thought out and provides a new look on each character from the oh-so-fragile Joker to the flamboyant Robin. Aside from the endless fourth-wall-breaking jokes, it also teaches viewers that working closely with a team is far better than working alone and that Robin looks best in the Reggae Man costume.

This movie should be placed on your “2017 Movies I have to watch” list because it will not fail to make you explode with laughter.