Season Nine of Doctor Who sends air of finality?

Season Nine of Doctor Who launches right into the continuation of the tales of the Twelfth Doctor and his companion, Clara Oswald. There are many similarities between this season and last but also some differences.

Besides some aspects of the show that carried over from last season such as the nonsensical time travel aspect and there not being a new Doctor or companion, the differences between Season Eight and Season Nine are quite evident in the overall mood of the first four episodes.

Peter Capaldi is a phenomenal actor and established a unique portrayal of the Doctor last season, compared to the more modern Doctors in the 2005 reboot series, and continues to uphold that standard in his second season. His eyebrows remain his defining feature; they seem to have a mind of their own and definitely add to the intensity of the character.

However, the Season Nine Doctor appears to have turned a bit sensitive. No longer does he adamantly refuse hugs, but instead is more inclined to give and accept them (this both surprises and worries Clara, considering she spent all of last season nagging him about it). As well as being soft, the Doctor also seems to have lost part of his desire to keep fighting. Already this season, on multiple occasions, he has accepted his probable death — more than what is the norm in an average Doctor Who season. This may have to do with the fact that he is on his thirteenth regeneration and Time Lords are only supposed to have twelve (What, who said plot hole?).

Clara Oswald, played by the stunning Jenna Coleman, returns for her third season as the Doctor’s companion. As usual, she is not one to accept the Doctor’s instructions blindly. In fact, she is one of the first companions in the 2005 reboot series to take on a position, not as a passenger, but as more of an equal to the Doctor. This role of strong female character is almost unique in this show and is certainly a breath of fresh air among previous characters of stereotypical “female traits,” though this aspect of the show seems to be improving.

This season, Clara has clearly accepted the Doctor and his adventures as part of her life and it is a part of her life that she cannot live without. She juggles her teaching job at Coal Hill Secondary School with her adventures in the TARDIS. This is easier for her this season considering she doesn’t have anyone special on Earth anymore.

We have also been seeing more and more of how Clara would react if she lost the Doctor (on the occasions when he accepts his probable deaths). Is this foreshadowing? Or will Capaldi and Coleman remain on the show after Season Nine?