Summer Fashion Trends 2023


Girl walking alongside the beach with raffia handbag and straw sandals.

Fiery red, beetroot purple, tangelo, crystal rose, summer song, pantone love bird, butter yellow, classic cobalt, and powder blue are some of the most trending colors for spring/summer 2023. With summer being less than a month away, students are more than ready to change seasons and wardrobes. So, of course, here are some staple trending attires for Summer 2023 Fashion. 

  1. Athletic Headbands

Coming over from the Spring trendy wear, athletic headbands prevent overheating and tames hair when working out. Not only that, but they also compliment the look together as an accessory, and give a just-finished-my-workout type of vibe. 

  1. Athletic Shirts

 Just like athletic headbands, athletic shirts are also trending for men. As they are both functional and breathable, athletic shirts allow for a wide range of motion to be happening while looking cool. Compression shirts are also trending, as they reduce muscle soreness and increase blood flow to working muscles. Aside from these benefits, make sure not to wear shirts with too much pressure, as they could cause breathing problems and abdominal pain. Compression shirts rated less than 29 mmHg should be comfortable enough to go about your day. 

  1. Striped Blazers

From dresses to shirts and trousers, stripes can add a sophisticated twist to an outfit. Just a white or navy pinstriped blazer over a t-shirt and jeans combo can give a casual, business-attire look. In the work field, stripes can make the outfit look more fashionable and welcoming to work with. 

  1. Asymmetrical Denim Maxi Skirts

With the summer wave encouraging us to wear skirts more often, maxi skirts have come to be in style, especially asymmetrical denim ones. These skirts will soon take over the entire summer fashion wardrobe, so get it quickly before it runs out! 

  1. Loose Fit Trousers

Loose fit and baggy have taken a leap into fashion again, as they are both comfortable to move around in and stylish to wear. Baggy clothes are more in trend now than they were in the early 2000s. Linen trousers especially keep the material durable and cool for the summer and can be found at Amazon for prices as low as $20. 

  1. White Trousers

When summer comes, white trousers are a very fun piece to wear with everyday wardrobe. Other than being chic and trendy, they can prevent overheating unlike darker pants. White cargo pants or wide-legged pants welcome the warm season and can be found at H&M as well as Hollister for about $30. 

  1. Halter Tops

As the weather gets warmer, it’s time for a shift from hoodies and sweaters. Halter tops have made a comeback to the fashion world and are especially popular for showcasing the shoulders and creating a balancing effect. Tops in colors such as pantone love bird, vanilla cream, powder blue, and gray lilac are the summer 2023 colors to shop for. Shops like Hollister have a wide variety of halter tops, starting at $7 dollars. 

  1. Wedges

Aside from being healthier for feet, wedges elevate the outfit and create a boho-chic sort of vibe. A simple outfit accompanied by wedges can stabilize ankles and give a stylish look.

  1. Athena Nap Dresses/Ruffled Mini Dresses

What’s summer without summer dresses? Here are a few to enhance the summer wardrobe. Athena Nap Dresses are wrinkle resistant and dressy, apart from being dramatic and elegant. Another trendy dress includes Ruffled Mini Dresses. Whether it’s off the shoulder, high waisted, long sleeve, or short sleeve, these mini dresses can make you look cute and unruffled. 

  1. Summer Dress Shirts

As always, summer dress shirts have always been trending along with summer shorts, and this summer they’re trending once again. Not only can dress shirts be worn with nothing else, but they can be worn over shirts as a type of jacket or covering, and as under crewnecks as a polo. A shirt with lots of functionality provides a good wardrobe to last through the summer. 

  1. Chino Shorts

As we’re circling back to the summer season again, summer shorts have stayed every year while the year evolves. However, unlike normal shorts, chino shorts prevent unnecessary frills (apart from having good material) and are versatile, so you can wear it with anything and look classy. Pacsun, Target, and JCPenny offer a wide variety of lengths for chino shorts with prices starting at $20. 

  1. Straw/Rattan/Raffia handbags/Jean tote bags

To complete the outfit, straw handbags have also come back to give a modern-boho look. Nothing screams summer like straw handbags. They also last for a long time, due to their versatile and sustainable design. Jean tote bags are also tremendously in style, as other than being spacious enough to fit summer getaways, they can be stylish and practical. These bags are easy to find in YesStyle and Macy’s. 

  1. Baseball Caps/White Sunglasses

Simple yet chic baseball caps can not only give protection from harmful UV rays, but also give an effortless look to complete your outfit. White sunglasses as well are trending big time. With any type of sunglasses to compliment your face, the color white is the stylish color for sunglasses, as it keeps cool and is a staple summer color. 

  1. Summer Trainers and Sandals

Trainers look best when paired with chino shorts, as they are breathable, lightweight, and durable to move around in. Cotton sandals are also a great choice, as they don’t make your feet sweat, unlike rubber sandals. Whether it’s going to the beach or just taking a walk around the park, sandals are a great choice to walk freely and relaxed.