PinkPantheress trending on Tik Tok and Spotify once again with “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2”



PinkPantheress had her first live concert in London in October of 2021 and has had 48 concerts ever since then.

PinkPantheress, a famous British-Kenyan singer, is back with part two of her song “Boy’s a liar.” She released a continuation of the song in a collaboration with famous American rapper, Ice Spice. The song quickly caught many people’s attention on Tiktok with girls and boys, young and old alike making dances to the song or simply “vibing” to it. 

PinkPantheress’ real name is Vicky Walker, and she gained popularity in January 2021 as her song “Pain” started trending on Tiktok. Walker had been posting videos telling people to listen to her music, and after she gained attention, many people wanted to see her make more public appearances to which she responded by saying that she was still shy. After writing and producing most of her music throughout 2020-2021, she co-produced some new songs with other artists in 2022, including the song “Boy’s a liar” with music producer and song-writer Mura Masa. 

The song focuses on a relationship which many would describe as toxic. PinkPantheress expresses her point of view on a relationship where her lover only cares about her good looks. She waits for a proposal but knows that if she was ever less pretty, her lover would “one day… disappear.” Ice Spice’s rap lines add a similar story but a different tone to the song. Her lines describe the story of her catching her lover in an affair and being confused about whether her relationship has ended or not. 

“Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” made it to Spotify’s list of top songs for the week following its release on February 3, 2023. PinkPantheress’ songs are widely appreciated by fans who enjoy the aesthetic she herself called “[not] in an actual sad way but in an unlucky in love main character [way],” in one of her tik toks.

Her music sometimes reflects back to issues of her personal life with love, family, and school. These topics are the reason why many people enjoy her music, especially in its unique style. Most of her fans call “Boy’s a liar Pt.2,” and her music in general “relatable,” since as young adults, some of these experiences concerning relationships are shared to some extent.

The continuation of the song received more attention than the original since both rap and alt-pop lovers were streaming it. Despite some people criticizing Ice Spice’s rap skills, many fans defended her by saying her addition to the song made it undeniably catchy.

PinkPantheress is selective of who she collaborates with in creating music. Her attempt with Ice Spice was extremely successful, and many fans already can’t wait until she releases new songs.