M3GAN – Friendship has Evolved


Sloan Gates

The M3GAN movie poster at the Americana movie theatre.

M3GAN takes the cliche idea of a scary doll and turns it into an AI robot. The new movie M3GAN was released on January 6, 2023. The trailer went viral on TikTok and other social media platforms when a scene of M3GAN was shown dancing in a very human-like way. This movie is a science fiction and horror genre that leads with futuristic and modern themes. It takes a different view from many other horror films because of how modern they are. Director Gerard Johnstone takes recycled products from horror movies and turns them into AI. M3GAN is an acronym for Model 3 Generative Android. 

When a Roboticist, Gemma, gets bored at work, she creates a prototype called M3GAN. The AI doll could be technologically advanced mentally and had the mission of protecting a child from any physical or mental harm. This type of technology had been never before seen, it was extremely new. Gemma gives the doll to her niece Cady. Cady and M3GANs relationship becomes dangerously close and M3GAN starts getting violent toward anyone but Cady. M3GAN starts to kill anyone who hurts Cady. A young boy hurts Cady’s feelings? Dead. A dog bites Cady’s arm? Dead. A neighbor said M3GAN looked creepy. Dead. 

M3GAN was actually meant to be a rated R film, but was marked down to PG-13 after taking some gory parts out. The film uses lots of comedic factors as well. There will be random parts in the movie where M3GAN will start singing Titanium by David Guetta and Sia. The silence feels loud in many parts of the film as well because of the way M3GAN looks at the camera. Her eyes stand out as they are extremely human-like. In one scene, M3GAN is seen sitting on a window sill with moonlight on her back, the only thing you can see is her bright blue eyes. It adds an extremely creepy factor of you feeling like you are being watched.

M3GAN is available to watch on few streaming platforms as it was not expected to gain such high popularity. With only a budget of 12 million dollars, the gross income turned out to be around 146 million dollars. The modern music, weird dance moves, and horror factor all are reasons why this movie was so much more popular than expected. M3GAN was especially popular among teens and will continue to be talked about for a while.