Rush hour for Club Rush: Club Rush dominates the week


Stacey Hovhannisyan

Anahit Krbekyan shouts to help get members for GeoPolitics.

Posters and students flooded the bottom of the amphitheater steps for this year’s Club Rush. As students signed their names on a sheet, others yelled at the top of their lungs for students to join their club.

Between the lunches of Sept. 17 and Sept. 19, leaders showcased their clubs to potential members. 

Junior Jirayr Petrosyan said that with clubs being offered, it was a better use of his enrichment time. “I like the fact that I have all these opportunities to join all these clubs,” Petrosyan said. This year, Clark offered 38 clubs for people to join.

Freshman Margarita Kochinyan said that she is excited to join clubs, particularly Fashion Club. “I plan on joining other clubs as well,” Kochinyan said, “Although I was a little late for Armenian Club, I hope to sign up for it next year.”

Junior Maneh Hovanesyan, president of the Fashion Club, said that it was nerve-wracking due to her having to be the first junior to create this club. “I have friends that support me and friends that have my back, so I know it’s not a flop,” Hovanesyan said. “I didn’t know if this was going to work, but it worked.” Her club offers trips to fashion shows and teaches students how to properly design outfits.

This year, Club Rush offered several new clubs like Marvel Club and Geo-Politics Club, as well as have some returning clubs like the Mediterranean Club and Music Club. Some clubs did not join this year’s rush, like the Kids Against Tobacco Smoking Club (KATS Club), due to the club overflowing with existing members.

Junior Mark Benliyan said that he wishes Club Rush was more publicized and would have wanted a list of the clubs to be aware of what was going to be displayed. “It was the first day of Club Rush and I wasn’t aware,” Benliyan said. “There were some clubs I wanted to join but missed because I didn’t know it started.”