Hoover High holds 2017 Homecoming

Herbert Hoover High students have a blast with the Havana-themed homecoming


The energy is high in the Hoover gym.

“School events like homecoming are important because they allow for the students to rewind, take a break for a night and have fun with their friends are peers,” said Hoover High sophomore Eric Begijan. Homecoming is typically a huge party high schools hold after an important football game against a rival school. The event is used to celebrate the school’s pride and dedication. “Events like these allow students to interact with their friends in a different setting and allow them to celebrate together,” he said.

Hoover’s event was held in its gym Nov. 4 from 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. and cost $40 for admission.

For entertainment, Hoover had a DJ who provided music for the students and staff to jam out to. As for food and drinks, behind the party, there was an eating area decorated with a “Havana” theme with streamed lights and floral decor. The school catered food from Portos, which included a variety of sandwiches and cookies. Hoover had also brought in a photo booth for the students to have fun.

After the dancing, the time had come to announce homecoming king and queen. As students took aside to make an aisle, the homecoming court walked down with their partners. They walked from the bottom of the gym to the top of the aisle where they waited to be crowned. As the anticipation built, the crowd started chanting, then finally the king and queen were announced: Irene Avakian and Angel Cardona.

Attendees clapped and then began the slow dance for the newly crowned couple. They had a special moment, a slow dance, just for them to enjoy their time and then others joined in.

“It’s times like these where you really get to appreciate your school for making events like this happen. Because at the end of the day celebrating my school and spending time with my friends was all that matters,” said  Hoover High sophomore Emalina Stepanian as she left homecoming. “I think we can all say that homecoming was amazing and really makes the school special.”