Seniors go around the world


Publications Staff

Sipan Nazaryan calling his mom after being crowned prom King.

Prom 2016 took place May 13 at Calamigos Equestrian in Burbank, in a seemingly isolated yet centrally located venue near Griffith Park. It was an evening filled with dancing, laughter and memorable moments as the year slowly comes to an end. Many of the 214 in attendance enjoyed taking pictures, some even by professional photographers, to have memories of their last moments as seniors surrounded by high school friends.

“I thought the theme of the prom was really cool with each table identifying a different famous city,” said So Young Yoon. The theme for this year’s prom was decided to be called “Around the World” and students selected which table with the specified city name they would want to sit at. “But the best part of prom was when Sipan [Nazaryan] won the prom court and called his mom to say that he made it,” Yoon said.

“I went around and whipped votes like Frank Underwood,” Nazaryan said. “I called my mom to tell her then the mic was handed to me, so I told my mom to say hi to everyone,” Nazaryan said. Prom Queen was presented to Tina Keshishian. “Tina won, which was cool because she was going to stay with us at Palms Spring, so it was like a pre party to the after party,” Nazaryan said.

The soon-to-be-graduating seniors spent a great amount of time dancing with even the prom king himself admitting, “I’m not a dancer but even I danced.” Along with dancing, taking pictures in the photo booth made for memorable moments for many of the seniors.

“I honestly went in expecting a lackluster experience, but it was absolutely amazing, tremendous, 10/10,” Nazaryan said.