World War II veteran visits Clark


Chris Davis

Jean Bruce Poole shares here experiences from World War II with students in the Humanities class.

On March 31, Jean Bruce Poole, a World War II veteran, visited the Humanities classes of Mr. and Mrs. Davis for a presentation on her work in  Women’s Royal Naval Service. This was her second time visiting the Humanities class, after her first visit to the classroom in 2010.

She discussed her time in the British Navy as a Wren officer during World War II and the jobs she had in the military. For instance, she talked about how she worked with transporting goods and using radar to plot ships’ locations on maps.

Ms. Poole when she was a Wren in the 1940s.
Courtesy of Jean Bruce Pool
Ms. Poole when she was a Wren in the 1940s.

“It was a good experience because we learned from someone who had a lot of knowledge on something we’re learning in class now,” said sophomore Edrik Abnousmasuhi. Abnousmasuhi also said that the experience “was good for getting a close-up perspective of something we only learn about in textbooks.”

After her presentation, Mrs. Poole answered questions from the students, ranging from work activities to her opinion on Hitler and the war. “She was really interesting and she made the topics we learned in this class more personal,” said sophomore Serli Vartanian.