Students showcase true talent

Clark’s 2014 Talent Show included performances from Dance Club, Paulette Hacopian, Shakeh Aslanyan, Nataly Vardanyan, Ramon Tumbucon, Avetis Dishigrikyan, Maggie Baboomian, and “One Outta Ten”.


Vanessa Codilla

Senior Mariam Grigoriyan and junior Ramon Ricafort III preform with Dance Club.

“One, two, three, four, we are panthers, hear us roar!” Clark’s annual Talent Show kicked off with a competition among each class for a chance to win visors as they sat under the blazing sun. The sophomore class chanted the cheer the loudest and was able to enjoy the rest of the show in colorful fashion.

Dance Club was the opening act. Seniors Raymond Madrid and Mariam Grigoryan and junior Ramon Ricafort danced to “Booty Swing” and later, the rest of the club danced to “Talk Dirty” and “First Love.” Grigoryan said that this year’s concept was spring, so members wore bright colors and floral patterns. “Because there was a partner dance, the girls wore skirts to look elegant and the boys wore button downs to look suave,” Grigoryan said.

Talent Show_ELIZ_2
The band, One Outta Ten, performs for the last act in the talent show.


Between the acts, to keep the audience entertained and captivated while each act set up for their performance, senior Natalie Armenian asked trivia questions, mostly about state capitals.

Next up was senior Paulette Hacopian, who sang “My Savior, My God.” “I chose to perform this song because I’m a Christian and I wanted people to know that God is always there for us,” Hacopian said.

Sophomores Shakeh Aslanyan and Nataly Vardanyan performed “If it Means a Lot to You” by A Day To Remember with guitar and vocals. Senior Ramon Tumbucon performed a guitar instrumental of “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen. Tumbucon said that his glasses fell to the ground on purpose because they were slipping and because he wanted to make the song more dramatic. “It was just perfect timing,” Tumbucon said.

For the second year in a row, senior Avetis Dishigrikyan played a medley on the keyboard. Some popular tunes included “Twinkle Twinkle”, “Eye of the Tiger,” “1000 Miles,” “YMCA,” “Total Eclipse of the Heart,’ and “Macarena.” The crowd reacted with YMCA movements, cheered loudly for “1000 Miles,” and sang along to “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

The following act was junior Maggie Baboomian who sang “Paper Hearts” by Tori Kelly and simultaneously played guitar. To close, the band One Outta Ten — composed of senior David De Leon on drums, sophomore Joshua De Leon on electric guitar and vocals, junior Alfredo Degoma on guitar, and sophomore James Gill on bass — performed “Little Black Submarines” by the Black Keys and “Treasure” by Bruno Mars.

All seven acts contributed to a great start to spring break by sharing their passions with the rest of the school.