Clark Expo


Alyssa Da Silva

Bike club members talk about the club’s activities to prospective students.

During this past Saturday’s Expo, a crowd of parents and students huddled around a few old robots set on display that were built by previous robotics students. Other parents were more interested in the animation and design classrooms and asked students for directions. Similar to previous years, the familiar buzz of small-talk, chatter and the shuffling of feet could be heard.

The Robotics lab was packed with visitors, because the class has been so heavily emphasized around the school, in an effort to draw attention to Clark’s engineering programs. Robotics students, dressed in fuchsia and green uniforms, explained more about the class to interested parents and answered their questions. Other robotics students led a fundraiser to support their class and the various competitions they are involved in.

Robotics club members inform parents about their robot named Ratchet.

Freshman Josiah Collins, a member of the team, said, “I was promoting the team and trying to sell Samsung LED lightbulbs so that we could attend competitions and afford the materials necessary.” He also said parents were very excited at hearing about the robotics program and insisted upon learning more information, such as how often the team met and what students were supposed to do as team members.

Meanwhile, ASB was just as busy with running its own fundraisers. The warm and inviting smell of coffee surrounded their table, as they sold refreshing beverages and donuts. Senior Natalie Armenian, ASB Vice President, said, “I arrived at 8:30 a.m. to help set up the tables downstairs. Each class had its own fundraiser; seniors and sophomores sold drinks, and juniors and freshmen sold chips and donuts.” Some junior class members also worked to sell See’s candies to raise money for their own class.

Representatives of several other organizations such as KATS, PTSA and Publications were also present at the Expo, all advertising their work to those who passed by their tables. Although it was a hectic day for all students representing their clubs and organizations, many parents of students were able to successfully become more familiar with the school their child attends — or hopes to attend — and leave with a cheery smile on that sunny afternoon.