Dr. Mardirosian gets promoted


English teacher Narine Tatevosian meets with Dr. Mardirosian prior to Dr. Mardirosian’s departure this week.

Nov. 18 marked the last official day for Dr. Mary Mardirosian, who will take her position as the new teacher specialist at Cerritos Elementary School this week. As a Clark teacher since 2000, she has taught freshman English, ELD and Modern Literature to seniors.

Mardirosian will be working with Cerritos Elementary principal to help support the teachers, she said. “It’s an out-of-class position,” Mardirosian said. “I’ll be helping teachers with curriculum development, disciplinary issues and testing coordination.”

Coming from a family of educators, Mardirosian began her career in education as an Education Assistant at Horace Mann Elementary in 1997. Her sister is a principal at R.D. White Elementary School, and her late mother was an education assistant at Hoover High School.

After working at Horace Mann, she went on to work in Glendale High School before coming to Clark. “I am excited for this opportunity, and I’ll miss the students the most,” she said.

As Mardirosian takes her new position, her clubs at Clark will be advised by other teachers. History teacher Eric Kursinski will be the new advisor for the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) and Fashion Club will be advised by English teacher Jennifer Davis.

As the teacher in charge of the Staff Social Club, Davis said that recalls how Mardirosian was always helpful and eager to volunteer and help with staff appreciation. “I’m happy for her to have this new opportunity, but I’m going to miss a valued colleague,” Davis said.

Mardirosian’s classes at Clark will now be taught by English teacher Carol Pettegrew’s former student-teacher and former Clark student, Narine Tatevosian. Tatevosian was teaching at Hoover prior to taking over Mardirosian’s position this week.