Entertainment streaming websites have defeated the purpose of convenient streaming

There was a time, not very long ago, that people had to work around the TV Guide schedule if they wanted to see the continuation of the show they were obsessed with. When technology advanced, they had the option to record the shows onto a VHS (archaic and almost entirely non-existent at this point). The best-case scenario was when the show would go into DVD format at which point viewers would spend hundreds of dollars to own the entire series and get to freely watch it commercial-free. Starting in the early 2000s, streaming platforms began to be developed, in which streaming would be more convenient for a lower cost. All your favorite shows were one click away. 

While Youtube is considered the first streaming platform, Netflix is the one we often think of. When Netflix came out in 1999, it first offered DVDs. It soon became a game-changer. The company practically invented convenient streaming by offering a vast collection of shows and movies on its platform starting in 2007. While Youtube allowed for the streaming of creators’ videos, Netflix allowed for the viewing of many popular franchises for a simple cost of $4.99. However, this thrill was short-lived. 

Netflix’s success prompted other companies to create streaming websites of their own and transfer their content to their own sites as a way to make more profit. The Marvel franchise was originally within Netflix’s large table of contents, but as of 2019, these movies were moved to Disney+. 

This has been a continuous trend over the years. In 2022, it is expected fort Finding Dory, Littlest Pet Shop, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to all be removed from Netflix. This is especially harmful to parents who originally subscribed to Netflix for their selection of children’s movies and shows. 

Around 2018, Netflix was able to keep some of the most loved shows such as Friends, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Recreation, and Gossip Girl. However, all of the listed shows have made their way out from Netflix over the years and into the producing companies own platforms. As more companies begin creating their own streaming services, the convenience of online streaming is beginning to die down and look like former ways of entertainment. 

“I was so upset when Netflix removed Family Guy, I had to get a Hulu subscription just so I could watch the show,” said freshman student Ellen Sarkisjan. 

Netflix, though losing its best content, has been steadily increasing its prices. This company’s standard subscription price has increased to approximately $19.99. Netflix’s stock reflects this shift of convenience, as it has dropped almost 70% within the first couple of months of 2022. Netflix is merely one example of the growing inconvenience of streaming websites. With over fifty streaming websites in the country and growing, entertainment enthusiasts are beginning to struggle to find a single subscription to meet all their needs. 

“As a kid my family had Netflix, and I could watch basically anything I wanted. These days, I can’t say the same,” said junior David Babayan. 

Viewers are beginning to subscribe to an increasing amount of services to watch their favorite shows. With each of these platforms costing five to ten dollars a month, TV bingers may be facing a monthly fee of over fifty dollars to be able to have access to some of their most desired shows and movies. 

“I can’t keep up, I don’t want to spend all that money for shows and movies, it’s getting ridiculous,” explained senior Ani Samikian. 

As the number of streaming platforms increases, the less convenient streaming becomes. Streaming services were originally made as a way to give subscribed members easy access to TV shows and movies, however, due to the greed of companies and the desire for profit such websites have lost track of their goal for the general public. As a whole, entertainment seems to be repeating itself, as the cost of enjoying productions is yet again growing and becoming increasingly inconvenient as it was not so long ago.