Glendale Healthy Kids hosts dental clinic

Luis Sy

(January 31, 2013) — February is dental awareness month, and students have the opportunity to take advantage of the Glendale Healthy Kids free dental program. In an email, district nurse Kym Jarnot said “To qualify, students must be 5 years or older, have not seen a dentist in the last year, and have no dental insurance.” To take advantage of this program, students must fill out a form available in the health office. “Every year, we combine with USC Dental School, and they provide a huge clinic that sees everybody who fills out one of these forms,” said district nurse Kym Jarnot. The Glendale Healthy Kids dental program includes a free screening and cleaning, with follow up appointments if necessary. “It’s important for people to take care of their teeth, because if you don’t, not only could it cause a lot of pain, bad breath, and cosmetic problems, but it can also become an internal problem,” Jarnot said. According to Jarnot, families without insurance should take advantage of this free dental program. “It’s important because if your teeth are hurting, you’re probably not being focused in the classroom, or any other part of your life,” Jarnot said. “Then it goes on to affect your nutrition.” The clinics are usually in one of the school sites in Glendale Unified. However, Glendale Healthy Kids just moved their headquarters from the school board to the California Women, Infants and Children Program in Glendale. The location of the clinic this year has yet to be announced.