Carthay Circle Restaurant the perfect place to end a day at Disneyland


Serineh Ohanian

Morrocan meatballs are full of rich flavor with a pomegranate relish, cucumber and tomato salad, and topped with minted yogurt.

Many theme parks have been adapting the way they do business as the COVID-19 protocols constantly change in Los Angeles. The Carthay Circle Restaurant in Disneyland took a creative approach to these policies and combined their menus from the restaurant and lounge to create their new menu. The combination of two menus created a unique outdoor dining experience that brings the great tasting dishes to the outdoor area of the restaurant.  

On a recent visit, we were seated in the outdoor area that used to function as the sidewalk in California Adventure. The traditional Disney themed music ecose throughout the park reminding of the classic Disney ambiance. It felt as if you were sitting down after a typical long day at Disneyland by recreating the same magical experience for guests. 

One of Carthay Circle’s most namesake and delicious dishes are their incredible appetizers. The Moroccan spice really comes through with every bite of the meatball. The meatballs were placed on top of a pomegranate relish that added a cooling flavor to the slightly spicy meatball. These meatballs are like none I’ve ever had, they are tender and packed with classic moroccan flavors. The mint in the dish does not just act as garnish but speeches to the Moroccan origin of the food. Another incredible appetizer is the Winter Pear Salad which harmonies brings together refreshing flavors and textures of the winter season. The base includes arugula and endives tied together with prosciutto and goat cheese dressing topped with crunchy hazelnuts. The grapefruit and pear combination elevates the fresh crisp flavor of the dish and brings it to a new level.

Carthay Circle perfectly captures the flavors of foods from all over the world. The Vietnamese Twice-cooked Beef Tacos with fresh Pineapple-Mint Salsa, the pineapple mint salsa was a great tart contrast to the sweet and sour sauce on the beef. The crunch of the hard shell taco enhanced the texture of every bite. This is a signature dish of both restaurants and serves to tie the dining menus together. 

The strozzapreti pasta is an interesting addition to the meal, the uniquely shaped and rolled texture creates a pillows feel of the pasta. The tomato sauce has a garlicky base with an intense flavor of basil, it kept me longing for the next bit to touch my tongue. The dish was nothing short of spectacular with its intense combination of flavors, it feels as if I could’ve stayed indulging in the dish forever. 

With great customer service, flavorful food and a hint of Disney magic Carthay Circle is the perfect resting spot during your Disneyland adventure. This hidden gem will make every visit end with a smile and a full stomach, waiting for your next Disneyland trip to come soon.   

Address: Disney California Adventure Park, Carthay Circle, Anaheim, CA 92802


Phone: (714) 781-4565

Hours: Monday – Friday- 10 a.m.- 8 p.m.

Saturday-Sunday- 9 a.m.- 9 p.m.