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Midsommar subtly hints the themes in society through showing a journey between a girl and a Swedish cult.

[Photo] Do you like scary movies?

Stacey Hovhannisyan, Photo and Section Editor
March 28, 2021
Despite the film depicting Mulan living in a tulour, these buildings did not actually exist during her time.

[Photo] Loyal, brave and true

Analynn Lam, Staff Writer
December 4, 2020
Viyan Antar, a Kurdish fighter of the Womens Protection Unit, or the YPJ. She died at the age of 19 liberating the town of Manbij from ISIS.

[Photo] Trump shouldn’t have pulled out of Syria

Aleks Zadorian, Yearbook Managing Editor
November 17, 2019
Alan Rickman plays the ever-so-sinister Hans Gruber. This didnt only started his career, it also gave life to one of the greatest cinema villains ever.

[Photo] Die Hard for Christmas

Hayk Martirosyan, Staff Writer
December 6, 2014
Stephen Hawkings at NASA during the 1980s

[Photo] The Theory Of Everything

Syuzi Sargsyan, Staff Writer/ Photographer
December 2, 2014
Cast of Thats So Raven back in the 90s

[Photo] Syuzi Says

Syuzi Sargsyan, Staff Writer/ Photographer
November 18, 2014
Logo of SAT testing.

[Photo] Why students should take the PSAT

Lilia Lamas, Staff Writer/ Web Editor
October 3, 2014
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