Clark Chronicle

GUSD hires contractor to monitor student social media

Ani Mosinyan, Culture Editor

August 31, 2013

The GUSD policy of monitoring students’ social networks has received mixed reactions among students and parents of the Glendale District. Clark Magnet High School has recently joined the District after about a year after the...

Club Rush: The latest contenders

August 30, 2013

Fresh off the ASB approval board and eager for members, a variety of new clubs now offer students even more ways to express their interests. These clubs, as well as returning ones, will be open for recruitment during Club Rush...

Freshman Bullying: Is throwing orange juice an abuse or stupidity?

Vanessa Havakian, Staff Writer

August 26, 2013

Curiosity stormed all students’ minds on during seventh period on Aug.15, as they heard Principal Doug Dall’s disappointed voice from the PA system, asking all sophomores to attend a meeting in the amphitheater. Thinking they...

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