BTS MOTS:ON:E concert leaves fans speechless and astonished

Nikki Ballesteros, Staff Writer

Recently, the South Korean boyband group BTS decided to shed some light to their loving fans by holding a two-day online concert.

Although BTS had already revealed in-person world tour dates, these were unfortunately canceled due to Covid-19. They decided to make it up to their fans by surprising them with a virtual online concert held Oct. 11–12 KST where fans could watch. BTS performed in South Korea at an unknown venue. Their concert, named MOTS:ON:E in honor of their newest album, Map Of The Soul 7, was first announced on Sept. 24. Fans could only buy the tickets from Oct 12 to Nov 10.

When purchasing tickets, fans could choose whether to watch the concert on both days or just one, along with having a multiview option where viewers had access to different camera angles.

BTS’s first song was “ON.”which gave such a striking start because of how nicely dressed they were for both days. The set was really cool, having a fake cliff as the background. BTS performed older songs like “NO.” and “No More Dream.” Watching those performances gave a sense of nostalgia since BTS has not performed those songs in a while.

The rap line, which consists of the members RM, Suga and J-hope, came off with a bang performing “Ugh.” The set was intriguing, having a boxing ring and the rap line wearing boxing outfits. Not only did “Ugh.” make fans want to bop their heads the whole time, it was very powerful and the short choreography at the end fit perfectly.

BTS also performed their solo songs from their MOTS 7 album. Jungkook’s song “My Time.” was eye-catching and has never been performed before. Jungkook had two different outfits for two days, but the red outfit he wore on the second day was more unique. His beautiful vocals were very smooth and the dance break in the middle was well choreographed and hit every beat perfectly.

“Filter.” was also performed and sung by Jimin. Just like Jungkook’s performance, Jimin also had two different outfits for the two concert days. However, Jimin had a mid-performance outfit change where Jimin hid behind the background dancers for one quick second to suddenly appear with a completely different outfit. It makes fans wonder how Jimin was able to do that so fast.

J-hope ends all solo performances with his solo song “Ego.” J-hope started the song with style, entering in a car then having fun choreography soon after. “Ego.” had a very colorful theme, was uplifting and inspired fans to get up and dance to the beat. During the end of the song, the rest of the BTS members came out to dance goofy with J-hope which made the song even more enjoyable.

“We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal.” was the last song to end the whole concert for both days. The song was very touching, meaningful and sentimental. “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal.” is a song dedicated to BTS ‘fan base (A.R.M.Y) which gave ARMY a sense of connection to BTS. It helped BTS and ARMY connect, forget all about their worries and feel comforted.

Being that the Map off the Soul: ON:E concert was online, it surprisingly did not go through any internet issues for both days since many fans watched the concert live from all over the world. There were many unique parts of the concert. For example, all the background dancers wore masks and made the masks either look stylish or correlate with the outfit to make it all look natural. Another part would be the beautiful sets and how each song performed made fans wonder how the next set would look. Finally, though BTS were disappointed to not perform in front of their fans physically, they focused on entertaining their fans and emitted amazing energy.

The Map of the Soul: ON:E online concert truly made fans feel like they were in an actual, in person concert with BTS. BTS has shown that they have not stopped thinking about their adoring fans. They worked hard to make the two-day concert unforgettable.