Snoop Dogg’s BUSH features retro-funk sound

Snoop Dogg’s new album, BUSH, is a collection of distinctly R&B tracks, featuring several collaborations which find the rapper teasing with variations within the ’70s funk genre. Produced by Pharrell Williams, BUSH sounds like a modern marriage between the grit of a Blackstreet album and the groove of a Kool & the Gang feature.

Far from the sound of his previous 2004 release R&G (Rhythm and Gangsta), which featured the chart-topping hit “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” BUSH explores different time signatures and key riffs that at times sound distinctly like the work of its producer Pharrell Williams and at others like a fusion of retro-funk.

Indeed, the songs “R U a Freak” and “Awake” sound like a revival of a Kool & the Gang mixtape with the latter song featuring Daft Punk-esque vocals to echo the chorus. The disco background track augments the urgent dance vocals, producing that distinct nostalgia for bloomers and platform shoes.

Although it is the length of a full album, Snoop’s new release sounds more like an EP since many of the songs share the same sound signatures. The songs “So Many Pros,” “Peaches and Cream” and “I Knew That” even share the same opening motif, notably the same opener used in Pharrell’s hit “Blurred Lines.”

While this similarity weaves the album into a cohesive sound, the songs are set to play consecutively, immersing the two songs into one. However, the record in total offers a wholesome feel-good sound. The comforting familiarity of the funk rhythms creates an album that one could play as background music at a party … just not too often.