Welcoming Ariana Grande as the “New Coach” in The Voice


Ariana Grande, a famous singer who is a coach on The Voice and is now using her skills to coach a new generation.

The famous singing competition, The Voice, consists of four stages; Blind Auditions, Battle Rounds, Knockouts and Live Performance Shows. Each singer goes through one of these four stages and once they are in a team it becomes extremely competitive. One wrong move could get contestants eliminated, but in some cases, a coach could steal or save them after a performance. The famous pop star singer, Ariana Grande is joining with three well-known coaches, such as, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and John Legend. In every season of The Voice, each coach trains their contestants to ensure that they will succeed and win the competition. 

“Ariana is one of the biggest pop singers of our time! I’m a fan of her and the other coaches and I watched the show a lot when I was in elementary and middle school. And I’m so excited about her being a coach on The Voice!” junior Lauren Chang said. Chang believes that Grande’s abilities in singing will help her successfully coach her prodigies into winning the competition. “She performs often and collaborates with other artists, so she is probably skilled in knowing what kinds of music and songs suit certain voices,” said Chang. “This is actually extremely important because often, a really talented singer was eliminated on the show due to a bad song choice!” 

Junior Maria Galstyan has always loved Ariana Grande as a singer and believes that her talent doesn’t compare to a lot of people in the industry. Galstyan believes that she has the abilities to lead her team into winning The Voice. “She’s an incredible performer both vocally and visually,” Galstyan said. “She always knows how to keep the audience excited and passionate about her music.” Galstyan believes that “The Voice has fairly lost the popularity it used to, as we’ve shifted our focus to social media apps and streaming services.” But with Ariana Grande as a new coach, “people are more eager to watch the show once again,” Galstyan said. 

Although Ariana Grande is competing against other successful and famous coaches, she is well-known for her music; hit songs like “thank u next”, “7 rings”, “positions” and more. She has many experiences with performing live, which will ultimately benefit her team and hopefully she will win the title of “winning coach” of this new season. 

Ariana Grande is definitely a good choice to have as a coach from the producers because of her immense talent as a vocalist and a performer.