Kalin and Myles steal hearts of teenage girls


Image from GoldenVoice.com under Creative Commons license

Kalin and Myles tour the country in cities near you including Los Angeles, Orlando, and Jacksonville! Dedication EP is their third studio album released and is already taking over the R&B/rap world.

Dianna Khudoyan, Staff Writer/ Photographer

Kalin and Myles start the party with a hip-hop and R&B duo that’ll keep you on your feet the whole night. Their third album, the Dedication EP, was released Dec. 14 of last year. The duo is currently on tour around the country and has already sold out in multiple cities. Originally from the Bay Area, California, Kalin and Myles infuse a lot of West coast lifestyle to their music.

I first heard of the duo when I heard their hit single “Love Robbery” over a year ago. I thought they were genuinely entertaining. I later looked into their music even more and discovered that their album Chase Dreams was the perfect road trip album. Last summer I attended their concert at Universal and was amazed at the amount of energy they bought to the stage. They had fans singing and dancing along to every song. Their concert is definitely something worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime.

Last summer I attended their concert at Universal and was amazed at the amount of energy they bought to the stage.”

— Dianna Khudoyan

Kalin and Myles released their Dedication EP at the end of 2014, dedicating it to all their faithful and loyal fans. With another hit single, “Trampoline,” Kalin and Myles have serious potential and are headed for a  bright future. The music video for “Trampoline” is set in a party house and filmed in a way that draws the audience in and makes them feel as if they’re apart of the party. Unlike other fame-seeking duos, Kalin and Myles bring an energy to their music and are incredibly loyal to their fans. I would highly recommend this EP as an add on to your party playlis.! It’ll have you on your feet all night.