Basic Vacation Anything but Basic


Rising alternative pop-rock band Basic Vacation has made a smashing entrance into the music industry. Consisting of vocalist-guitarist Chris Greatti, bassist Jon Paul and drummer Mike Montalbano, the band is signed under Atom Factory Music, a label founded by the icon Lady Gaga and John Legend’s manager Troy Carter.

Basic Vacation’s first single, “I Believe,” is the title track of their EP. At first listen, the repetitive chorus is the song’s most striking feature. With a continual stream of, “I believe, I believe, I believe in me and you,” sung as though the band members don’t have a care, the song seems to be a nursery rhyme, written and composed to be sung by anyone.

After a few listens, though, the song proves itself to be more than a handful of repeated words. With lyrics such as, “I met you in the dark / Drinking wine in an empty park,” the song conjures up images of sweaty palms, pounding hearts and stolen kisses — all trademarks of teenage spring or summer flings. Yet lyrics like, “Come on let’s wash away / To some place where no one’s around,” indicate that this fictional relationship is much deeper than what it appears to be at first glance. The song itself acts as an anthem for all those Romeo-and-Juliet-esque teenage lovers who defy all the odds to remain together.

The music video reinforces this idea by showing a man and woman at a bar who coquet with and smile at each other. Every time they try to hold hands, an explosion knocks everyone off their feet and flying debris causes chaos. But in the end, the two come together and rise into the air as a symbol for happiness.

Or do they? The lovers wake up from separate dreams, wake up, and get ready to go out. They wander about the city, and coincidentally, they see each other on the subway, letting those single souls who feel alone that someone is out there.

A fun, get-on-your-feet sort of song, “I Believe” has the fresh sound of rookies. Their music, untainted by auto tune and mishmashes of techno, is a breath of much-needed fresh air. Even though the song has the feel of a lovers’ anthem, I can definitely set this as my morning alarm and dance to it while sipping a cup of coffee.