Zendaya: A Review of “Replay”

Zendaya: A Review of “Replay”

Disney’s newest pop princess, Zendaya, recently came out with her new single “Replay.” The singer recently released her self-titled 2013 debut full-length album for Hollywood Records. “Replay” is among the album’s eleven tracks, produced by Tiffany Fred and Paul Shelton.

 This track is far from your typical bubblegum pop.The album infuses catchy pop hooks with soulful choruses to create a lighthearted yet edgy sound that breaks into a dance worthy beat.

 The song features the lyrics “Wanna put this song on replay, I can listen to you all day.” Although many might think these lyrics are about a love interest, “It can refer to anything you have a passion for,” according to Zendaya, “It’s just something you love so much that you carry it around with you.” The meaning behind the song itself is what makes the track so unique and different from typical pop songs.

 As soon as it dropped, the song’s impact proved seismic. Its music video garnered over 4 million YouTube and VEVO views in merely four days, while the clip reached #6 on VEVO overall. Meanwhile, the remix debuted at #2 on the Billboard Dance Chart.

 I was pleasantly surprised when I first listened to this song and found it refreshingly catchy. I was even more impressed to find that the new pop artist Zendaya is only 17 and was able to craft the song so well. I liked that she had full control and was very hands-on throughout the process. “This is me entirely from the front in the album booklet to the songs,” said Zendaya, “This is my vision.”

For such a young artist with little experience, this song demonstrates her melodic voice and ability to hit different ranges. It also demonstrates her originality and ability to stay true to herself through her lyrics, while at the same time producing a product that many can enjoy. I highly recommend this song and it’s definitely in my iTunes shopping cart.