Christmas decorations

Garlands, trees and shiny ornaments make their way into stores earlier each year, making some people feel as if they need to purchase new Christmas decorations immediately. However, these irresistible accessories can be expensive. So instead of forgetting about your old decorations, give them a little twist, and make some new ones, so you only need to purchase a few new items. In no time, your house will radiate a new theme while reflecting a bit of the past.

To begin with, make sure you have a cohesive theme throughout the main decorations in your home, starting with the Christmas tree. Any artificial tree, expensive or not, can be brought to life with some extra branches and some hollyberry twigs. Any ribbons lying around the house can be turned into bows and used as nice accents on the tree.

Most crafts store would have these types of products for reasonable prices. For a not-so-traditional look, some peacock feathers tucked into the tree will surely give any home a modern twist. To complete any look, spray some fake snow all over the tree.

As for garlands, they can be changed up quite easily. Any small ornaments that you no longer use can be attached to the garland to make them more colorful. If they are not pre-lit, intertwine any old lights and finish it off with some ribbon.

Changing up ornaments can be a good family activity, because all you need to do is embellish ones you already have. To make old ornaments have a frosted look, dip them in glue and then in epsom salt. For a more colorful look, dip the ornament in sequins or even sprinkles. You can also add some ribbon around the top of the ornament to make them more detailed.

Outside decorations may take longer to make than some of these inside decorations. One very creative way to make large statement pieces is to use objects lying around the house. Create large ornaments to set on the lawn by covering inexpensive exercise balls with burlap. Then paint them with any color. You can make the the tip of the ornament by using empty cream cheese or cool whip containers. All you would have to do is color the containers gold and glue them onto the ornament.

You can make large gift boxes by covering boxes with plastic table covers and stacking them up on top of each other. With homemade ornaments and gift boxes, your yard will look as festive as can be. Of course the lights around the house and surrounding shrubbery will add the finishing touches. Don’t forget to put a nice wreath or teardrop swag on the front door. Christmas should be radiating from your front doorstep.

With a pinch of creativity and a little bit of time, your home will be a Christmas hot spot. Start early and take advantages of sales — Christmas is right around the corner.