Three, easy do it yourself holiday gifts

Decoration: A cute, plush birdie

A sewing machine is not necessary for this project, as you can easily sew everything by hand.

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“A Beautiful Mess”

posted by Viviana


– Felt and fabric of your choosing

– 2 medium size buttons in any color

– 2 small beads or buttons in black

– Felt scraps in black and red

– A handful of fiberfill

– Thread, needles, pins for sewing



1) Draw and cut out the following birdie parts on cardboard paper. The numbers written in each part correspond with the amount of pieces you will have to cut out, with seam allowances included.

2) Place each birdie part on the wrong side of your fabric and felt and cut all the parts you will need.The birdie’s body (which is the largest part and there are two of) will be made of fabric, and the remaining parts will be made of felt.


3) For creating your birdie’s front section, place the head and belly parts over the body and stitch them together.


4) To make the eyes, cut two small circles of black felt and sew them on the upper third of the body. Then sew the black beads/buttons on each eye.


5)  For the beak, cut a small square of red felt and sew it in place on the body part.


6) Sew front and back sections (wrong face up!) leaving the bottom of the body open for filling.


7) Sew 2 wings together (2 times), and 2 legs together (2 times). At this point you should have a birdie body, 2 wings and 2 legs.


8) Fill body with fiberfill. Place the legs at the bottom of birdie’s body and sew them in place by hand, closing the gap.


9) Using the two medium size buttons, sew the wings in place.


10) Now you have a cute, plush birdie, which can also serve as a key charm if you sew a key chain on top of it!

Clip on bow ties for a vintage, yet a classy look!

blog of Elise and Emma

A Beautiful Mess



– 9 inches by 4.5 inches and a 1.25 inches by 2.5 inches fabric of choice (same fabric)

– 1 bow tie clip

– Thread, needles, pins for sewing

– Iron (not necessary)



1) Fold the long edges of the large fabric in towards the middle.

2) Fold both open ends in toward the middle. At this stage you may iron the fabric in the rectangle folds for extra crisp edges.

3) Pinch your rectangle in the center to create a bow shape and stitch it at the folds.

4) Stitch a bow tie clip on both sides on the back of the bow tie.

5) Repeat step 3, this time with the small piece of fabric. You may iron this piece also.

6) Wrap this fabric around the center of your bow tie where you made the stitches. Then stitch it on.

7) You are all done and ready to get dressed!

Eyeglasses case: easy to make, even if this is your first time laying a finger on a sewing kit!

picture by

Karl Juengel/Studio D


– Thread, needles, pins for sewing

– a quilted pot holder



1) Fold a quilted pot holder in half

2) Stitch the edges together,

3) Then slip glasses into the resulting padded pouch.

4) Show off your new snappy glasses case!

Candleholders; transforming plain glass candleholders to pretty, self-designed gifts

picture by Seth Smoot


– Upholstery webbing (or desired fabric or ribbons)

– Scissors

– Hot glue gun or any other liquid glue

– Small, glass candleholders

– Mod Podge


1) Cut a piece of webbing to the same length as the holder’s circumference

2) Trim the webbing a tad bit shorter than the holder’s height

3) Coat the webbing’s raw edges with Mod Podge to prevent fraying; let dry for 20 minutes.

4) Affix the webbing around the holder with thin lines of hot glue (or other liquid glue) and let dry for five minutes.

5) Package a few of these beauties together with scented­ candles inside.

6) Cross someone off your list.