Clark’s New Administration


Dr. Landisi

Clark Magnet High School’s third principal — Dr. Brian Landisi.

Emily Aivazian, Website Editor, Section Editor

On Tuesday night, October 11, 2022, the Glendale Unified School District announced Dr. Brian Landisi as the third principal of Clark Magnet High School. Landisi is a proud GUSD product who graduated from Crescenta Valley High School where he later started his career as a Spanish teacher and Yearbook advisor. He served as Glendale High School’s assistant principal in 2013, before becoming part of Clark’s administration in 2015 as an associate principal. 

Mrs. Kortoshian is thrilled that the Board of Education and Superintendent Dr. Vivian Ekchian appointed Dr. Landisi as the next principal. She believes that Dr. Landisi’s “student-first” mentality is a key factor in his success. “I am confident that he will take the torch and run,” Mrs. Kortoshian said. “There will be continuity at Clark, and Dr. Landisi will be a great principal.” Working alongside him for the past eight years has highlighted his strong leadership skills and caring nature towards students. 

Taking on his former position will be Ms. Tiffany Hirdler. Ms. Hirdler kick-started her educational career at Crescenta Valley High School in 2003, with the position of a special education teacher and department chair. In 2021, she was Valley View and Fremont Elementary’s teacher specialist. Since Ms. Hirdler will be a new addition to Clark, students are interested in seeing what this change will bring. (Publications will be featuring an article about our new assistant principal shortly. Stay tuned!) 

Counselor Ms. Anna Margaryan is excited to see where Dr. Landisi’s new position takes Clark. “He knows the school, knows the students, and has built a relationship with many students so I’m excited to see where it goes,” Ms. Margaryan said. 

Dr. Landisi has always been a strong leader at Clark Magnet High School. His attention to detail with organization in regards to testing and scheduling have been a huge asset to the campus. Students that have built a connection with him are excited to see what his new role will look like and how it will impact the dynamic at Clark. 

U.S. History teacher Mr. Kursinski believes Dr. Landisi’s time has finally come. “He’s got the energy for the position, and he most definitely has the drive,” Mr. Kursinski said. “As a fellow life-long resident of Glendale, I am proud that we are representing the community in which we grew up and the community that we love and care for.” 

Director of Finance for ASB, junior Alex Barfyan, hopes for Dr. Landisi to assist ASB students with planning events while also advising them. “The major change I’d like to see is better communication between the administration and ASB,” junior Alex Barfyan said. “Dr. Landisi can help strengthen the communication between us, while also supporting the students with their wants and needs.” 

With the assistance of Clark’s talented teachers and supportive families, Dr. Landisi strives to move the school forward. “I am excited about continuing the long-standing Clark tradition of excellence and working with our team to enhance what we have built here,” Dr. Landisi said. “My goal is to build a collective sense of ownership around a stellar student experience at Clark.” Congratulations Dr. Landisi. We look forward to seeing all the positive changes you make at Clark Magnet High School.