It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Americana


Urielle Corcuera

The Americana in Glendale all ready for Christmas.

Urielle Corcuera, Clubs and Photo Editor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! What better way to kick off the holidays season than lighting up the Christmas tree? On Nov. 16, the Americana at Brand transformed into a magical place by holding their annual Christmas tree lighting event, presented by BMW, and hosted by the famous professional dancer, Derek Hough.

Urielle Corcuera
The performers strikes a pose after their dance number

Taking precautions, the Glendale Police Department swarmed the Americana to guard the outside and inside of the area. To enter, viewers were required to have their bags checked by security and then pass the walk-through metal detector. Metal barricades were also placed throughout the place to prevent too much traffic as the place tends to become packed during such an event. A stage was also set up in front of the tree, as well as reserved chairs for the audience.

In addition, since the Americana was so packed, led-light bracelets were given for free as well as cups of coffee and sugar cookies. Some event goers also opted to watch from the eighth floor of the parking lot or the third floor of Barnes & Noble to avoid the traffic on the ground.

The event began with a marching band playing Christmas songs on the stage at around 7:30 p.m. Since the stage was difficult to see due to such a big crowd, an inflatable projection screen was set up to help those far from the stage to view the performance.

After the marching band performed, Hough was finally introduced, causing the audience to erupt in cheers. “I love dancing and watching Dancing with the Stars,” junior Bryan Han said. “So, I really freaked out when Derek came on stage because I’m a huge fan of his.” Dressed in all white, Hough sat on a white Santa Claus-like armchair and picked up a giant book titled A Visit From St. Nicholas. With each stanza that Hough read, a character appeared on the stage and performed a dance number.

Performances included a mouse dancing, a pair of ballroom dancers, a group of ballet dancers and eight girls dressed dressed as Santa Claus’ reindeers, etc. By the final stanza, Santa Claus had climbed up to the stage accompanied with all the previous performers.

When the reading of the poem ended, Hough and Santa Claus called for the audience to countdown from five to zero for the awaited christmas tree lighting. As the Christmas bells chimed, the audience started counting down as they were told, and in five seconds, the 100-foot christmas tree finally lit up, brightening the Americana even more and setting the Christmas spirit at full-blast.

As a finale, colorful fireworks decorated the stark dark night sky as fake snow were blown from the roofs of several stores, successfully imitating a winter wonderland and making an unforgettable memory for those in attendance.