Robert Herrin nominated for US Naval Academy


Christine Ohanyan

Herrin working on his senior project.

Christine Ohanyan , Staff Writer

“I’ve been set on this opportunity for a long time,” said senior Robert Herrin about being nominated for entry into the US Naval Academy for this coming fall. “I knew it would be an incredible honor and open many doors in my life.”

The academic program at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, especially focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics to fulfill the technical needs of the future Navy. Herrin said that for this reason, he has always been interested in applying. “I would like to enrich my knowledge of space-engineering and physics,” he said. “And I know the Academy would be the ideal place for me to pursue my goals in education.”

Patrick Boland, senior advisor and communications director for Congressman Adam Schiff, Boland said in an e-mail interview that all nominees of the US Naval Academy must display exemplary communication and leadership skills in a variety of extracurricular activities as well as academic excellence. “Mr. Herrin’s affiliation with student government at his school and his outstanding academic achievements is most likely what led to his nomination,” he said. “This shows that he can efficiently work with others in numerous projects, all the while handling his own responsibilities, a key trait in a future leader of our country.”

Herrin said that he is also confident in his leadership skills. “Leadership isn’t necessarily all about taking the lead and telling people what to do,” he said. “You’re able to guide people into success, which I’m sure I can do and I’m excited for.”