Senior Robert Herrin receives Student of the Year award


Karla Solorzano

Senior Robert Herrin who has now achieved a Student of the Year award. After participating in multitudes of activities, including Mock United Nation, and Competitive Biking, he has caught the eyes of the Chamber of Commerce.

Hayk Martirosyan, Yearbook Editor

On Sept. 9, a group of individuals from Crescenta Valley’s Chamber of Commerce along with Principal Doug Dall walked into the Associate Student Body office. “Dall said he is showing the school to these people,” recalled Director of Finance Robert Herrin. “I expected Timothy Cruz to talk, since he is the ASB president, but Mr. Dall picked me.”

Herrin then began his improvised presentation as one of the representatives asked him to first get up while talking, then to step to the middle of the class while talking. “I was so nervous,” Herrin said. “I was terrified that I will say something wrong in front of such important people.” After his presentation, Herrin was informed of the true reason for the arrival of the Chamber of Commerce members.

“One of them told me that I was selected as student of the year,” said Herrin, who in fact was honored as Student of the Year by the Crescenta Valley’s Chamber of Commerce because of his extraordinary work done both in and out of school. And while he was recommended for this award by Head Counselor Karine Turdjian, Herrin knew nothing of it until he received it.

“More than anything this came as a shock to me,” Herrin said. “I am very humbled and I would like to, above all else, thank Mrs. Turdjian for her support.”

Original story was edited from “student of the month” to “student of the year.” The Chronicle regrets the error.