6 seconds lead to stardom

Nanor Martirosian, Staff Writer

20 year-old Canadian Ruth B publically started revealing her talents on Vine, singing six-second originally written songs. Receiving positive comments from individuals after hearing a snippet of her song, “Lost Boy,” with a total of 80,000 likes just by the end of the week, Berhe completed and posted the song on YouTube. By next morning, she had reached a total of 100,000 views.   

“Lost Boy” is one of the most successful songs in Berhe’s EP, “The Intro,” with a total of nine million views. This song was made to create meaning and give listeners a chance to relate to something. “If you’re feeling down and lost in your own thoughts, this song will make you feel like you’re not the only one that has felt like this; almost as if you are being healed,” sophomore Mariam Panikyan said.

Berhe has an immensely beautiful voice that captivates you within seconds of listening. Her song, “ Superficial Love,” gives listeners a heart-aching feeling. The meaning of this song connects to those people who want to truly be loved by someone. Being felt differently by someone, or not being important enough is the main point of this song. “It’s almost as if you’re listening to her painful, personal story,” said junior Anna Mikaelian.

“Golden,” another song in Berhe’s EP, tells the story of being strong and not letting other people’s words and actions affect you. If anything, it should make you want to strive to do better in life and to show that person how much you’re really worth. She goes on saying, “The fire that you burned me with, it made me who I am.”

Berhe has obvious talent, and yes, even without auto-tune. You can feel the emotion that is being sung in all of her songs, and with her unique and gravitating voice, she is destined to be a star.