‘Instant Family’ is an instant success


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Promotional poster for the new comedy movie ‘Instant Family.’

Tanya Yarian, Staff Writer

Why do people adopt? This question drives the story of one couple and their determination to begin a family through adopting in Instant Family, a new comedy  — based on a true story — released in theaters Nov. 16. This movie explores the path of adoption and how it is a special option that can be considered when wanting to start a family.

Pete and Ellie, played by Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne, decide to start a family. After they discuss the possibilities of raising their own child, they come across the world of adopting and realize that it might be the route for them. They decide to attend the orientation and meet many different couples and single parents who are also looking into this process. Pete and Ellie continue with this decision and sign up for the eight-week parenting class.

Once they are certified to adopt, they attend the adoption fair where they have trouble making connections with any of the kids; however, Pete decides to talk to the group of teenagers who are usually never approached by the parents. They meet the rebellious 15 year old, Lizzy, who also comes with two younger siblings, Juan and Lita. Since parents are encouraged to keep the siblings together, Pete and Ellie stumble across fostering all three children. They quickly need to adapt to the new changes and responsibilities that come with these children in hopes of them becoming a family.

From the trailer, it seems that this movie is a repeat of every comedy family movie; however, it portrays much more about family and life than the movie is predicted to have. The story has the right mix of comedy and morals of family in one. This movie shows how adoption is a process that should be considered by some parents and could be the right path for some people to take in order to start a family.

Although Instant Family tells an emotional story, the film drags in some parts. The plot also does not show the true stories behind foster care, as most children are not put into foster care because they are neglected, but some are taken from their homes due to illegal reasons. Also, some children are not kept with their siblings, while some never even get adopted.

This story is one of the only adoption stories that has a happy ending. The foster care system is not realistically portrayed in the movie. Even though this film might not display the trues stories of some people who foster, it still has those heartfelt moments that may be too exaggerated in some scenes.

The actors help deliver this emotional story and show the importance of adopting and why it is so special. Director Sean Anders delivers this sentimental story of how one family came to be. There are many different ways that children can be brought into your life, and this movie helps honor the story behind adopting. It can be a very memorable moment in the foster children’s life when they are brought into a safe home and are loved by their new parents.

There are many moments to laugh and to cry as this new movie warms your heart and shows how one family came together.