Club members seek creative ways to fundraise


photo via under Creative Commons license

Fundraisers don’t always have to be boring.

Natella Muradyan, Photographer

Fundraising does not always have to be limited to walking around campus selling candy or visiting different classes to sell chocolate. Some students are beginning to think outside the box and are finding more creative ways to raise money.

The two clubs, Relay for Life and Kidz 4 a Cure, often collaborate and help each other with certain matters. They have been discussing different ways they could raise money. A popular suggestion among the club members has been to include teachers in the fundraisers who would not only supervise and monitor the fundraiser, but also take part in the action.

“I think if teachers begin to be more involved in clubs like Kidz 4 A Cure, then more people will know and more donations will be received to donate to the Children’s Hospital,” said senior Syuzi Sargsyan, president of Kidz 4 A Cure Club.

One way that teachers could be involved in fundraising events would be through student-teacher sport tournaments. According to physical education teacher Judy Thomsen, these types of activities at other schools often take place after the school day is over. If an event like this was to take place at Clark and be held after school, it would be inconvenient for the majority of the student body since they take the bus home. “I’m not against it at all, but I think it will take a lot of preparation,” Thomsen said..

Biology teacher Virginia Benzer said that interacting with students to raise money for a club would not only be fun for the students, but for the teachers as well to a certain extent. “Teachers also have fun when they get involved, and I think it’s completely fine,” Benzer said. “However, there are other creative ways to fundraise with the help of teachers besides having a dunk tank or throwing pies at a their face, for example.”

Many students agree that teachers’ participation could attract a larger audience and help with the fundraising event. “A lot of people would love to see this and it would benefit the fundraisers,” said sophomore Nareh Shamiryan. “If teachers give their consent then I think it’s fine,” added sophomore Anni Zeynalvard.

According to animation teacher John Over, students can think of creative ideas that will involve and unify the whole school and make Clark stand out for creating an interesting event. “I think it would be amazing if we could create an event that Clark was the first to do and at the same time benefit the fundraisers,” Over said.