Senior Project: Anastasia launches Gracely Graphics

“I spent 60 and above hours designing and printing shirts,” says Anastasia Pinal about her senior project. Pinal expressed her love of graphic design by pursuing screen printing where she learned to print personalized designs on different items such as T-shirts and tank tops, as well as designing logos, business cards and flyers.

To learn more about the process of screen printing, Pinal took an internship opportunity at Mook Print & Design, conveniently located two blocks away from Clark Magnet. At the store, Pinal did “everything, from the beginning to the end of screen printing.” She learned the whole process of the job, from color separation to exposing the screens to cleaning up the screen for reuse. “I was offered a job at screen printing place and I have been getting many T-shirt requests,” Pinal said.

Mentored by design teacher Nyrie Gharibian, Pinal launched a screen printing business called Gracely Graphics. She said that several students have purchased her custom designed shirts. Pinal advertises her business to potential customers through business cards and an on Instagram and Tumblr. Her Tumblr page shows Clark students modelling her shirt designs of popular icons such as Dr. Who, The Beach Boys, Mac Demarco and K-pop group member Zelo.