Clarkie Corner: Double Threat

“Dancing and drawing began as hobbies of mine at a young age, but later turned into true passions,” said senior Raymond Madrid.

Madrid began dancing at age 13 and drawing at 9. His art didn’t start out with large masterpieces, but rather doodles in notebooks. “Over time, after doodling around, they turned into something good,” said Madrid.

Madrid’s best friend got him interested in dancing and once Madrid performed at a talent show, he knew he could use dancing as form of expression. “I ended up really liking it,” Madrid said.

Not only have art and dance been forms of expression for him, but they have also taught Madrid to be more confident. Madrid said that art and dance changed him by allowing him to be more appreciative and satisfied with what he had come up with in both mediums.

Madrid has put his skills to use and is currently president of Clark’s Dance Club. He is also challenging himself for his senior project by learning an alternative approach to art than what he’s normally used to. “I’m currently taking art classes to improve my drawing skills,” Madrid said. “I’ve always been interested in art, and I’ve been doing abstract art but this art class I’m taking allows me to take a different approach in drawing by trying to make it realistic so my final product is a realistic drawing.”

Although Madrid has enrolled in an art class, he is unsure about ever joining a dance team. Madrid said that he doesn’t specifically prefer one over the other, but likes how he feels more creative when he draws in comparison to when he dances. In dancing, he likes how he can express his thoughts in synchronized movement.

“The only thing I dislike is the time for the creativity to kick in,” Madrid said.