Decorating your Christmas tree in style

For those who celebrate Christmas, a beautiful tree can be the centerpiece of your home. That’s why you want to decorate an awesome tree in order to impress everyone who will see your holiday masterpiece.

Hang Lights

If you have an artificial tree, it is likely that your tree will already have lights. However, if you have bought a real tree, you are going to need to put the lights on yourself. In order to make your tree bright and beautiful, you will need to place a lot of lights. A normal sized tree should take about 12 boxes of 50-light stands. Start at the bottom of the tree and wrap the cord around the tip of the branch. Continue to wrap the lights around the branches, skipping every third or fourth branchand move in an upward spiral motion until the entire tree is covered.

Pick a Theme

For a truly unique and beautiful tree, you might want to consider picking a theme. Themes can vary from whimsical with a colorful tree and disproportionate ornaments, to a candy themed tree filled with candy canes, stringed popcorn and other sweet treats. Other themes may include White Christmas with an all-white tree and white and silver decorations; a rainbow-themed tree that has all the rainbow colors; and the traditional look with atypical red, blue, green and gold decorations.

Color Coordinate

Your color coordination should go along with your theme. For example, the White Christmas theme should only have only white, silver and light blue decorations. The candy theme should only have red, white and green candy. And the whimsical theme should have all sorts of different colors. In addition, ornaments of the same color should never be too close together because you want some variety.

Style your Stump

Don’t leave the stump of the tree all alone; you can decorate that too. Decorating the stump can be as simple as placing a Christmas-themed rug under it, or as unique as placing the tree in a barrel. You can also place it in a pot, a basket, on a table or maybe even go crazy and put it in a crib! But nothing beats the simple traditional tree skirt.

Add Family Flair

One thing that makes a tree truly unique and special is adding some “family flair.” Nothing is better than using the decorations you made in kindergarten, decorations from “My First Christmas,” decorations that contain some tradition or inside joke, and even family photos made to be used as ornaments.

Decorate with Family

The one must for decorating your tree is to do it with your family. Christmas is a time of year you all get to be together and truly enjoy each other’s company, and decorating together gives you the opportunity to make great memories that you will never forget.