The Walking Dead: It’s Raining Zombies, Literally



October is the month of autumn, candy, costumes, and — my personal favorite — zombie reigned terror. AMC’s post-apocalyptic, zombie dominated world of The Walking Dead finally returned to television on Oct. 13.

The show’s third season left viewers with a plethora of unanswered questions, which can only be seen as an indicator that they’re doing it right. First and foremost, the obvious question is: where is the infamous Governor? In a world crawling with flesh-eating zombies, chances are that he did not seek refuge in a tropical island.

Might I also add, the guy’s missing an eye! His sense of direction isn’t at its best. Fortunately for him, he has at least one mindless minion to navigate and cover his blind spots. I wouldn’t be surprised if the minion had enough sense to ditch the Governor. After all, this is the man who replaced his innocent aquarium fishes with human heads. I have no doubt the Governor will come back for his revenge soon enough. I’m anticipating, even relying, on his wrath to propel the plot forward.

Of course, I can’t ignore the constantly changing group of survivors. The group’s leader and once-reliable Rick Grimes frustrated me last season with his phone calls to dead friends and merciless killings. I was even more frustrated with the fate of his son, Carl, who I’ve labelled as “The Mini Governor” for the blood on his own hands. Rick, please tell your fourteen-year old son to put down his gun before he kills another living, breathing, human being.

I think the fourth season’s premiere episode did an impressive job at setting up the stage for upcoming (and no doubt, messy) events. I’ve titled this episode: It’s Raining Zombies, Literally. When the walkers fell through the abandoned store’s rooftop, I knew that at least one of the group members would not make it out as human.

That was a short lived role for Zack, who was introduced and killed off in the same episode. After all, it’s not an episode of The Walking Dead without an unlucky human becoming dinner for a lucky zombie. I admit, I missed covering my eyes because of the show’s unnerving suspense.

Speaking of suspense, the episode ended with a death inside the prison. Yes, we all had it coming. Poor Patrick was also introduced and killed off in the same episode. It wasn’t enough that he would turn into a walker and possibly eat everyone in their sleep, he even coughed on the water supply, infecting the group with the same disease that killed him! I guess there really is no I in team.

This leaves two possible outcomes: the prison’s inhabitants will wake up the following morning to eat breakfast, or wake up to find that they are breakfast. One thing’s for sure, the anticipation for the next episode is definitely eating away at me (pun intended).