House of Cards season 3 stumbles but does not crash

Promotional art for season 3 of House of Cards, which was released on Feb. 27.

Photo via under Creative Commons license

Promotional art for season 3 of House of Cards, which was released on Feb. 27.

A house of cards is built up, steadily, one card at a time. After it reaches its maximum height, it just sways there until the abrupt moment where everything comes crashing down.

The Netflix original series, House of Cards, released season 3 of the show Feb. 27 in its entirety and much of its fan base binge-watched the swaying of this particular house of cards all weekend long. Starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright (both of whom have won Golden Globe Awards for their roles on the show), this show promises to amaze with each new season.

Unfortunately, now that Francis J. Underwood, Kevin Spacey’s character on the show, is president, he has lost much of his old personality fans adored. The corrupt, manipulative, deceiving man who got what he wanted when he wanted is gone; his signature “double-knock” is also no where to be seen in season 3, which is a shame really.

It’s like the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The majority of fans did not have a problem with the old Underwood, so why change him now?

Luckily, the pros outweigh the cons.

Both Spacey and Wright continue with their tremendous acting skills and create breathtaking scenes. Not to mention the fact that Spacey continues breaking the fourth wall in each episode to bring some comedic relief through the intense scenes.

Not only does the script increase in quality in this season, but it also involves some real-world situations to make it more realistic, which is a phenomenal add-on to the show.

Is season 3 terrible? Not at all. Is season 3 dissapointing? Yes. Compared to the first two seasons, season 3 is not as captivating and thrilling; but it is still the best political-drama, nonetheless.

This show rushes through the building of their house of cards too quickly. The first two seasons had room to be dragged out longer which would have delayed the swaying of President Underwood’s house of cards to season 4 or so. But since that is not the case, fans can only wonder how much longer Netflix can maintain the slow spiral downward every house of cards is forced to endure during some point of its lifespan.

Though a season 4 has not yet been announced, fans can only assume one will come available next February, if it follows the pattern of the first three seasons. Which means, fans need to wait another 12 months for 13 more episodes. Remember, it’s quality not quantity.